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Journey To Yondor

Once upon a time, I was a little boy with a lovely sister and two wonderful parents. From time too time we played a game called 'Mens Erger Je Niet', which translates as `Relax, human`, the Britons may know it as Ludo.

It's a game derived from Pachisi, which was invented - probably even before Wheel and Booze - in India.


This very young boy liked to play it. He loved his family. Wouldn't dream of hurting one of their pawns. The latter was not mutual. And so he got angry and kicked the board and dice and pawns through the living room.

Relax Man!

By the time he got the hang of it, he didn't lose his temper anymore, and cultivated bloodlust and sense for revenge. And while he was waiting for his turn, his mind wandered off...

What's happening there?

Why doesn't the pawn that is being attacked strike back? Why is every attack a success? What do they do when they're not moving?

Things simply didn't seem right.

And that is why . . . ?


Those questions have been bothering me for 50 (!) years now, and now I know. It was just a simplification.

I know, because I've seen the Real Thing at work. The one on this page. Now try to attack a pawn who has been outdoors for quite a while and is very healthy. Or one who has killed 3 others, man does such a Hero absorb your health.

And of course: After a ferocious battle, the one who has been butchered will need some time to recover. We have some mighty necromancers in the Morgue, and Healers, but it simply takes time, ie rounds... The Winner might be near dead as well. Praise be for the Nursery where (s)he is safe from further attacks.

Check the log if you don't believe me

And the Pawn Details...

RPG Pachisi

My First Full JS Application. A kind of Hello World. Quite a World here!

Quite a Hello as well : nearly 3000 lines of JavaScript, so that's not counting the Servers nor the Html&Css. And that's over 1000 lines per week...

Dedicated to that Warm Lovely Family that shaped me

Thank you, Mom, Dad, Sis.

For being so awfully Dear and Patient

For believing in me

For the Deepest Mutual Love conceivable

Dedicated as well to my JS Teachers:

Ilya Kantor - Founder of javascript.info

For your inspiration and wonderful course!

jggagne - Forist on stackoverflow.com

For the Ajax Reusable!

Shelly Powers - Author at oreilly.com

For your inspiring book (Learning JS 2nd ed)!

MDN - Mozilla Developers Network

For filling in the Gaps

Adi Shakti - ☬

After Combat, the Winner may be hurt. During his/her recovery, (s)he is protected by Adi Shakti, the Divine Mother. In her Care, (s)he will not move and can NOT be attacked.

The Symbol

It hails from India, as does Pachisi, and it stands for the Divine Mother, Creative Energy, etc. Adi Parashakti is another name for Her.

Mom, here's looking to the Sky, the Heavens, at You! Say Hi to Dad. Eternal Love to Both!

y:HfE61SvtgU0 - Adi Shakti 31 minute Mantra

Game Over

When All Pawns of All Players have Arrived, it's Game Over. But it isn't really over. It only just begun.

Read on!

And press the Dharma Wheel to continue.

The Rules

Get everyone from Left To Right

The Move buttons indicate valid moves. Push another, and you'll find out why that one isn't highlighted. Pawns are busy people sometimes, so one might be dancing with a dragon or chasing mad damsels. Or recovering from injury, or death even.

Use the Auto Pilot if feel like it.


Attack is not Equal Vindacation.

In the smallest boards, it usually is, but even Tiny may surprise you once in a while.

The Dice from the Roll influence damage dealt and chances during combat. And there's even Absorb Health for successful blows, and there's bonuses for Killers there.

Quite RPG-ish, actually.

But if you don't open the log and never see Pawn Detail, well, then you might never have guessed it.

Pawn Detail

Hover over the Move buttons, or the World Map, or click / tap a field there. Details that may help you decide whether or not to attack.

View Log for way more info

And clear it when it becomes too huge (XL can easily grow to several MB! - that's why those buttons are there)

A Typical Encounter

The description that follows relates to WAR Mode.

Every encounter has an Initial Round

The Attacker (A) surprises the Defender (D) and has a chance for a Sneak Attack. If the (A) is discovered at his/her approach, D will be furious and launch a Counter.

Both these attacks do extra damage and will grow stronger as the Hero's number of Kills increases.

Subsequent Fight

After the Initial Round it gets a bit messy and sweaty and bloody. Fate determines each round who will hit, the dice detemine the damage, and dice + kills determine the amount of Health absorbed from the hit.

So, the ones who kill a lot have quite an advantage after a while. So much so, that it would be hell to play them with Heroes who have died a lot.

And that's where The Leagues step in...

The Leagues

Once you've played a couple of Games with the same Pawns, some have become quite strong while others get beaten up all the time. And playing loses fun.

So let's see what The Hednazot came up with . . .

The Pawn Pool

There are way more Pawns than a Game requires. Currently that factor is 4, but it may rise.

When a Game starts, Pawns are assigned to the Players. At first, all Pawns are Virgins. None have Killed, none have Died, all have Full Health.

So. Game # 1 begins. Some pawns butcher a bit some get beaten up a couple of times. After a while, all Heroes may have arrived one way or the other.


Each Pawn has a League Flag. After the Game, it gets set to Kills Minus Deaths.

Game #2 starts.

All Players get new Pawns. The assignment starts with Pawns of League 0. If there aren't enough, other League Flags are allowed. And the Assigner goes either Up or Down.

Now don't call a Pawn / Hero with League -2 (shorthand: L-2) a Loser, for this one may have killed 7 but died 9 times (shorthand:k7d9). A (k0d0) Virgin has to be very very lucky to survive a confrontation with such Hero.

0-League (L0) may have k9d9 as well, and (L+2) may have a k2d0. Guess who wins that!

Spreading the Heroes this way and randomly (Quad Prime Rule) keeps the challenge up!

Slayer / Megadeth

After a while though, some Heroes will be Very Big Net Killers / Deathers. If every game were starting from the Central Zero League, they would be out of reach for most of the time. So if there are such Heroes ( the ones who die a lot deserve that title, Capital and all, as well ! ) the Game might select Extreme Mode.

I'll leave it up to you to guess which group is in which League...

BTW: Thank you for the Music guys!


Started as a gimmick. Just for the first round, which is always quite same-ish.

Then it occurred to me that when there's only one player left, it would be nice to have AutoPlay finish that pretty boring bit as well.

At that point I had two versions: one for the Startup, one for the Finish. The Finisher was better, for it allowed for passes and Max Eye rolls. Two being a crowd, I figured that the better one might be very up to the task that the worse one did. It would only have to stop after the first round.

Well, seeing it do its thing, I guessed that it would be nice if the Auto Thingy could do some more rounds maybe.

The end of the story is that there's One AutoPlay now, and it is capable of playing the entire game, no matter how long it takes, all by itself, either at 1 roll per second with a longer interval per Move, and even longer on Arrival or Encounter, or in Turbo.

This enabled me to see the Big Boards in action, for - to me - they are too daunting to play by hand.

Of course, the Pilot isn't as clever as a Human. If a Human would play, (s)he would probably decide differently every now and then. But the Pilot isn't totally stupid either. And the more I tune its rules, the better it gets.

So one day, one may be playing against this 'Gimmick'... And LOSE! And then, when it takes some time for your next move, it might even insult you, provoke you into stupid decisions.

Prefs - Click the word to open / close

Here you can set various options. Most of them might be pretty obvious. The ones that may need some explanation are elaborated here.


Try it, for a change. There will be no fighting, and the lyrics are different. If you or autoplay move a pawn to an occupied field, they'll talk. And - find that out for yourself, will you!

During a game, one may switch between War and Peace as often as desired. Lyrics will change accordingly.


By default these two are ON. You can switch them off if you wish.

When they're on, a Game that reaches Game Over will be saved in Local Storage, and a Size that has a saved Game will load that on selection / page reload.

Each (Board) Size has one slot.

If Local Storage is not available or blocked, there will be no Saving / Loading. Storing such data in Cookie Polyfill is definitely not an option. Storing on Server one day, maybe, for registered users.

The Choice is yours.

Stop reading, have Fun!

Sir Hednazot of Yondor wishes you well.