Any cookies these pages create / use are prefixed by 'jsi_' . This Main Page is the only one that doesn't use them. The Snowman in the Main Navigation uses one to remember whether to show or hide the Docs. ( If it would do that here, there wouldn't be much left, now would there... ).

Some Apps in these Pages use them as well, like Yondor. It would be irritating to select a Board size, and then have to repeat that on each Page Refresh.

Cookies will be gone when i've mastered Local Storage

Why this Suite?

Well, I was trying to find out a bit about the JS Array for the nds App. I needed a way for the JS to select a valid one and know whether to stretch it. And I found this Site by a Great Russian Guy, Ilya Kantor. And he had a Tutorial on JS. And I decided not to go to Arrays directly, but go there lesson by lesson.

That's why

Now, it's April Fool's Day, and I'm reluctant to go outdoors. And I have learned so very much from this guy's Tutorials, that I decided to give his exercises a try myself.

Reading about things is one thing, but working with them is something totally different. Of course the latter teaches you way more.


That's the goal of this Suite.

And I did find out about the object-array and implemented it, and I learned about the backtic string notation, and reworked quite few in other Apps, and "use strict" and 'let versus var' and so much more.

I have to be fluent with adding to / removing from the DOM, delegation of events, using the 'data-' attributes, using event listeners, and quite some things I already forgot.

Methinx, that justifies it enough

Of course there will be side-effects

That's what Development and Passion is all about, it seems. It's a Creative Energy that finds ways unimagined.


One of the most fascinating side-effects so far (april 19). For ages I've considered programming it, but somehow I never did. I simply gave it a try here, and the dice fell ab-so-lute-ly right.

It started with a couple of dice, then some td's that would be the Fields, backgroundColor for Pawns. Some buttons to roll, move, pass.

It went to-tal-ly over the top. Last count : 2500 Lines of JS. Two Zeroes, yes, that's not a typo. Two Weeks! And it isn't finished.


Way beyond expectations as well. But that's hardly JS. The bit of JS I had in mind has been flushed : Drag / Drop of the Governing Points.