DCSp3 - A Tribute to Life

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What the...???

Played a bit with the two buttons? Nice eh? Beyond this Index Page, there are plenty more buttons. All because of those nice little thingies in that Image.

You know? All those little ones are related to eachother. I'm not kidding! Each little one is the 'Next Generation' of the one left from it. If you imagine all those rows as 1 long strip that is. But such a long strip is not very practical on a web-page. That's why I have cut the strip in equal parts and positioned them this way.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually see them transform? It would, wouldn't it? Heh heh heh. There is a button... Somewhere...

Of course, I have no idea what you have seen, or whether you've pressed any buttons at all.
You can't even see the buttons because they are so small, you say? Click / tap the top line. Big enough?

By the way: Most Pages have *some* use for the Top Line. Simply Click / Tap and see what happens.

Hey, the page's colo(u)r changed!

Yeah. It doesn't have to. It's part of the default Skin. There's a option to change Skins, but that's one of the buttons on the 'next' page.

Next? Hey, where's the Navigation?

Those Images *are* the main navigation around here. Click / tap this one, and you'll be whizzed off to the Setup Page, which is the Heart of the App. From there you can go anywhere, but while you're there, it might worth your while to try to find out a bit more. See what Settings do, where Actions take you. Those kinds of things.

And if you're a good detective, you may even find out a *LOT* more. But that's all the clues you'll be getting from me.

Click an Image anywhere else *should* return you to the previous page. 'Should' means that it doesn't always do so on Android Chrome and other badly designed Browsers. Nope, I'm no big fan of Chrome anymore.

One more thing though : This App is not particularly suited for Mobile Phones. Some of the pages may just about manage, but a decent browser and a decent screen really do it more justice.

Have Fun! And may you walk on warm sands!